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March 16, 2006



Is it just me, or has Aaron started to actually look like a Cota-Holzemer? Oh for Aaron Cota-Holzemer!

By the way, I was having dinner with the Blackbirds tonight, and Matt BB came up with an as yet unused oh for...Oh for Sexy!


I have one more: Oh for Hott. To be spoken in the general direction of George Clooney.


Oh yeah, and Aaron is the MOST FUN at weddings. As are all Holzemers.


I second that Aaron is the most fun at weddings. That is how I got to know Aaron. Hanging with the Holzemers at the Filner wedding. That was some good time. Aaron if you are reading this I think you are Oh fer Fabulous!!!! dahling.

Gay Aaron

Oh fer HILARIOUS! I'm not sure I'd describe those pictures as oh-fer-anything, but Oh-fer-clearly-that-man-is-a-homosexual. I LOVE IT! I'm happy to know that I bring such happy memories to you all.

My dearest Katie-did, thank you for helping me recover gracefully from the Brokeback defeat. I'm still a little bitter.

Cey-oortnyeh - I love you and the Filn muchly and hope to see you again soon.

Ashley - I hear your wee one is tode adorbs.

Matt - when is 8th BB coming to Minneapolis? Can you do a Jewish-themed program so I can book you at the JCC where I work?

Anyway, my little Katrinaliska, I love you. Thank you for the loving tribute to our hysterics!

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