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May 22, 2006



I so love the Sphereys all lined up just so. I'm quite taken with them. Congrats on a job well done! You just made up the Sphery pattern on your own, right?


My way maje fave is the purple one with the small lips. Cute. I suspect that you were born without the part of the brain that reads maps, knows right from left etc. because I have known you for a long time, and I say this with love, but you never had it. This is much like the fact that I was born without the part of the brain that is whimsical or magical in any way. It was simply never there. It is yet another of the many "put us in a bag a shake us up" scenarios that makes you Kitty and me Smoke.


Oh good heavens, no, I didn't make up the pattern. The original Spherey is from Jess Hutchinson's book "Unusual Toys For You to Knit and Enjoy." I do not have the brain power, or the knitting prowess to invent patterns. I have just altered the limbs a bit.


I'm glad they all get their own limb placement. You wouldn't necessarily always need 4. Where are my glasses?


those are so cute! can u post the pattern up?

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