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June 18, 2006


eyes shall roll

dearest kate,
I have two reactions. First, I googled myself. Nothing too fun there. second, as you know, I've been operating on the "safe distant crush" for the past bit. Well, that German blankety-blank is back in town. Is he friendly or flirting? Girlfriend....has not been mentioned WHY? Dammit, I'm going to have to go back to Benjamin Bratt. And I advise you to stick with Alex B. It's a fine plan.


I was hoping they'd allow me to send you the picture of Alex that was on the front page of the Arts section yesterday. But no, just the article. But note the fact that "This American Life" is becoming "This Life," a TV show on Showtime this fall. So you'll get to look at Alex every week. If you pay for it.


Emily West

I grew up with Alex Blumberg. Apparently, he recently did a piece on "This American Life" about his dog killing my childhood pets. I just found this site by googling the name of his sister, because having people call me to tell me about the radio piece made me wonder what she was up to. It also got me really depressed thinking about my pets, but that's a different story. His sister's name, as it happens, is Kate, so "Kate Blumberg" got me here. I run into Alex every 5 years or so, and I will try to remember to direct him to your site. Sorry my projected time-frame is not very quick.
All the best,


No worries, he's not a Republican. I'd know.

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