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June 07, 2006



OH MY GOD! I am soooooo super hot! I donated $20!


Kate, you rock!! Thanks for the plug. And I might just donate $20 to myself just to get my very own Spherey! Oh, and don't send your readership to http://www.janz.co.uk/
That is definately not my website!!!

Or is it...


I am felting my slippers at Ashley and Molly's house right now, reading your blog, and praising the unitarian jihad that you are back on the air!


I have to admit, that Spherey was a powerful incentive!


Kate -

$25 by Sandy and I. I expect my Spherey (can I request a color?) and a kiss, a lingering kiss, ON THE CHEEK. None of this forehead crap. You can't reach my forehead


Thanks for donating guys! Yes, tell me in which color you envision your Spherey. I aim to please.

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