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August 20, 2006


dr. lee

kitty. oh the pressure to perform. you make it seem easy to be funny. me? i stay up nights writing, deleting, and re-writing until it has a semblance of just slightly funny. things are always funnier in my head where i am a stahh! and pics? what the hell, dog, will i ever be as cool as you? the answer may just have to be no. love, dr. lee

dr. lee

hi again. i know this is not the forum for learning how to blog but you're my bloghero and i have just a few questions: a) the banner, how do you do it? b) the picture of yourself above "about"? c) pictures, period. why god why is this so hard? i won't even ask about more advanced shit til laters. thanks if you have time to explain. otherwise i will learn by fire. setting fire to my laptop that is. love, liv

Mike (yes, your uncle, the greatest of them all)

"The Happy Hooker"? I am old enough to remember THE book. It was authored by Xaviera Hollander. And yippee, "crotch-it", but not "crotchet", is what may characterize that book!

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