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September 05, 2006



All I know is that my super cute DELL computer really did work right out of the box (before it completely broke down and I had to spend hours on the phone to get them to send me a new one). The new one has been my most fabulous, trusted companion ever since. If you can return that Macity Mac, do it. I would highly reccomend a super cute white Dell inspiron, but that's just me.


p.s. you blog looks exactly the same on my computer, so it's definitely not ruined.


Your blog is definitely not ruined and it looks great on my Mac. Do NOT return that bad boy as you will learn to love it like a child once you have made the "transition." Please!! Your life will be better, I promise, I promise!

Is it a MacBook? That's what mine is, so let me know if there's anything I can do.


Don't give up on the Macster! Looks like you have an iBook, just like I do. Everything on the blog looks totally the same as it did last time I checked in -- the differences you're seeing are the differences between whever program you were running before (Explorer?) and whatever you're running now (Safari?). Don't sweat, just use tough love and show it who's boss.

And download some fun tunes on iTunes to keep yourself chill while you're working on it.


I got a used Mac iBook this summer, and although it took me a few days to get used to it after all my PC years, I really like it. (Except for the fact that now it is broken and I am having a damn hard time getting the thing up and running again...)


Yes, it's true. We sold Charlie a bum iBook, but don't hold it against the rest of the Macs.

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