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December 07, 2006



I've so done that, only I don't have a wonderful Christmas branch. Mine was my gorgeous little puppy (okay, so she's actually a senior dog and weighs about 120lbs - she'll always be my little puppy). I posted about her a while back and found myself checking the blog and staring at her picture while she was sitting next to me being adorable in hopes that I'd let her out to bark like a moron. Wow, can that sentence get any more run-on?

A break sounds like a good idea :)


I am totally against this! Do what you have to do, but know that you will be missed.


I am totally against it as well.
think of someone besides yourself for pete's sake kitty, this blog in no about you! it is about us, about the joy it brings to all of our lives. why oh why would you take that away from us during this season of light?


I will miss you, but I totally understand as I am desperately addicted to the internet. I don't thinkI could even take a day off.


A week without "Oh for Fun" will be tough, but we are all behind you 100%...just promise that you will come back!


I feel funny commenting on this because I have been reading your blog (or spying on you for months now!) and never wrote anything...I cannot say how much I feel far away from you these days and miss you but somehow your blog makes me feel like you are right here! I want to encourage you taking a break because I'am SO against computer addictions and it sounds like you need time off...You will be surprise what you can do instead... I will miss you ...and thanks so much for the wonderful banner!


Oh Kitty! Good for you for taking a break. I don't like that it means no more "Oh for Fun". Your everyday blogging has got me hooked for sure. Maybe I need a computer break too. Maybe. Or maybe not. I'm on an island.


Ahem. "I love New Year's. New Year's Eve is pretty fun..."

Clearly, you have forgotten all about that New Year's Eve at Nissa's place back in 2001.

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