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December 05, 2006



oH KiTtY!
I love love love your whimsical beeeeyyyyotiful Christmas Branch. It is simply the best! I'm glad you found a suitable alternative that is just so rad. MWAH!


p.s. good job getting the reflecting ornaments to really get those lights twinkling!


Very classy Kate, and very resourceful. Exactly what I would expect from someone who would steal the last chocolate chip cookie from an aleged friend


now that is one hell of a beautiful tree. way to go kitty! little did you know that you were not meant to get a regular tree, that there was a passageway to bigger and better things waiting for you at your car.
I love it!!!!!!!


It's gorgeous.. ;) I've been in a bit of a funk too.. I can admit it.. ;)


Oh for Pretty! The strands of yarn are a nice touch.


That is an excellent branch. Very original and very special.


That last picture should be your Christmas card! I love it!


I love the branch! (...and I know a thing or two about alternative Xmas trees!). I also like the new look to the blog. "God Jul!" = "Merry Christmas!" in Swedish


The Christmas card idea's a keeper, and so's the branch. I love the yarn tinsel, may have to take that one for my own!



Nice tree; that is rockstar-style. Excelente, chica! I love it.

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