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December 23, 2006





In the past I would have always said car-mul, but after many years of living in the south, I sometimes find myself saying caramel. I cringe every time I do it.


I guess I 'm southern. I've always said care-a-mel. Like Gargamel.


A certified yankee here, and it's always been car-mul. Merry Christmas!


This is interesting. I never realized this was a North/South issue. The reason I asked is because I was watching a Baily Irish Cream commercial, and it seems they now make a Baily's that is "kissed by Care-a-mel".

Plus, I think it is funny to write car-mul.


I think they think it sounds purtier. But I'm a Car-mul.

Along those lines... Ca-RIBby-en, or Care-ihBEE-ehn?

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