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March 12, 2007



Ok so that is totally hysterical when you google alex blumberg. way to go kitty. AND i had never actually seen alex blumberg and who knew..he actually IS hot. here i thought it was some obvious joke all along, that he was some big old bearded crazy nerdy 70 year old public radio jockey, oh no, he is actually quite yummy!


alex blumberg i hope you are reading this, cause you and my friend kate would be the best couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!and then you would be my borther-in-law in a sense and I kinda want that too :)


Did you hear they're making a caveman sitcom?


I prefer the unBustery Buster. Who knew that Buster was such a chach under his Busterness? Just in case you're interested, this is how I rate the Bluth boys...Michael, George Michael, Buster, the Dad, Gob. Is there anything worse than Gob? I mean really. Bob and I are still laughing about the lawyer, Bob Lobla. That was one funny joke.


My God Kate, sometimes I think we are the same person. I was just delighting in the furry Caveman's visage yesterday. I hate the PC, but I want to mount the PC Man. I find it difficult to watch him on the Daily Show without drooling on my lapel.


I actually know Alex Blumberg. I'll have to forward this site to him.


You know, I actually know Alex well, and you won't believe this, but in person he looks uncannily like a cross between Bluth and the Caveman--I'm not kidding. And I'm guessing you already know he works with the PC guy regularly on TAL.

I heard about this site from his sister this weekend while she was teasing him about it, so he does know. His reaction to your blogging is one of bewilderment and embarrassment, but that's his reaction to most things, so take that however you like. His friends, however, have gotten a huge kick out of it, so please keep it up! He's quite fun to tease.


I, too, googled Alex Blumberg and found your site. I don't have a crush on him. I was just curious about what he looked like. But it's comforting to read your post. I have irrational celebrity/character crushes all the time and I wonder if that makes me nuts. Right now I'm madly in love with the character Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory.


I was googling Planet Money contributors because Chana Joffe-Walt sounds cute as a fucking button and Alex Blumberg because his radio voice is generally pleasant and was pleased to discover he is pretty lovable. My guess is he hasn't visited your site yet because he's either embarassed, or so saturated in the integrities of journalism that he hasn't torn himself away from his Marantz recorder long enough to do it.

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