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March 16, 2007



Did you try on the knee pads when you were at Home Depot? I hope not, because knee pads are dirty!

On another note, I heard somewhere (probably from Rachael Ray) that if you don't cut off the slightly furry end of the onion, it doesn't make you cry as much. I've found that it sort of works. It certainly doesn't make it any worse.


Another thing that works is pouring a little bit of vinegar on the cutting board before cutting the onion on it. Unfortunatley, sometimes there is a little bit of vinegar taste left on the onion that may not be desireable in every dish you make. Or, maybe I just use too much vinegar.


Sory abuot all the typoooos in the previos post!


One of the few perks of having less than perfect vision, is that contacts protect your eyes from ugly onion fumes.


LOL! Ingenious use of safety goggles. I dare you to find a kitchen use for a hard hat now.

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