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July 01, 2007



your brilliance never ceases to amaze me!!!!


That's fantastic.


kitty. you're phenomenal.


Thanks guys!


you should be proud of yourself. word up. I can't wait to netflix your series.


I love this! Now call me.

Cousin Mary

Great choreography; you bring out the innate grace of the donut holes! The crystal tree is a lovely focal point. You are so creative that you inspire me. I might have to go finish knitting the sleeve on the sweater I started last October.


Oh my goodness, Kate. I can't believe it took me this long to see it.

It is SO CUTE. And BRILLIANT. My mind is blown. I think I'm ready to declare you winner already.


Aww, thanks Sherry, but not so fast! My Chasing Sidney currently contains none of the required elements. We've still got a lot of game to play here.

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