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March 06, 2006



Those hard wood floors look so nice to poop and pee on.
Did you keep your 4 cat litter boxes you spread out all over the place the last time you came to visit me? hahahaha
oh trixie....be easy on your mama.


oh for peaceful may have to be my new favorite.

Molly O

i'm sorry to hear about your grandma kitty. 90 years of life is amazing. hope the funeral and being with your family is nice. and i so appreciate your humor, even in this time of grieving. holy shit is that letter to trixie hi-fucking-larious. oh my god. i almost peed my pantaloons. be a good kitty trixie. you look slightly evil in that picture. . .like a combo of basil/marge and tate. good kitty.


So sorry about your grammie, Kitty. And so sorry about what that cat is about to do to your home.


Kitty, I am sorry to hear about your grandma. She sounds like a great woman. Trixie, take it from me: don't bite the hand and don't defecate and/or urinate on anything your mom has to wear to work, even if you think it is cute.

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