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March 01, 2006



You are a hoot and a half. Oh how I wish I were waltzing around Walgreens after many beers with you, my dear Kitten. I have to say, however, that I hate the poof. My husband Bob loves the poof, but I think it is a big, germy, heap of plastic and it gives me the heeby jeebies in a big way. Stick with your instincts. I don't care how much lather the thing can produce, after a day or so of hanging around in a warm, wet, shower, all I can think of is bacteria. Totey Grossy.


I have to agree with Courtney. The poof is fabu the first time. After that all I can think about is germs and dead skin festering. One Skein has a knitted poof--I think it's washable. Maybe THAT's what you need!


Knitted Poof! thank makes me laugh out loud, and it totally is something I am going to make. oh how my life has changed since both knitting and blogging. I love this blog.
My jury is totally out on the Poof. I love things that clean, itch, and rub my skin. I have a back scratcher next to my bed.a knitted poof, that is my next project!!!one skein projects are some of mt favorite!


Heh....knitted Poofs.

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