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March 21, 2006



oh my god, the BPO is so hot. hi cally! hi amelie (you have the most fabulously groomed eyebrows i have ever seen)! hi stephen and sweeler and trombone boy who was super cranky the last time i visited. i want you all.

i also want to note that the staving hobo phenomenon is something that exists in every orchestra. here in virginia, we're playing an opera, and for opening night the opera company provided sandwiches, cookies, and fruit in our green room and the musicians acted like they had just won the lottery. it's all about free food. it's actually kind of sad.


I have to agree with Courtney-the starving hobo/musician phenomenon is worldwide. The other day, I was at a recording session where they brought free ice cream for everyone at the break. Grown men were running around like freaks trying to get chocolate sprinkles. Of course, so was I. Say hi to Callie!

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