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April 07, 2006


Auntie Kathleen

I am in awe. At 6am this morning I was making a yes/no list in my journal. My question: should I leave my secure, well paid, manager job, 5 years from retirement? An example from my "yes" column:"I feel like I am wasting my precious life". An example from my "no" column: I like having a parking spot in the attached ramp. I am in awe.


Kate, you're the rockin'-est. I mean, what do you have to lose? You fly to Norway, check out some fjords, gawk at the blonde people and their inscrutable language, and when it's time, take out your viola and play the way you've been playing for years. Then you'll pack up, drink some glogg (or is that Swedish?) or some other local frostiness, and head back to Buffalo. I think it's actually the best possible audition situation. Plus, as you already mentioned, your blog will RULE for the experience.


Good Luck my Kitten. You've got massive cohones, that's for sure. I'm still going to cry when you win that job and move to Norway, but think of all of the fun we will have when Pepto comes to Norway. Pepto Ladies in Norway will be the event of the century!

I bet they have some good yarn in Norway...mmm, yarn.


Kitty! WOOHOO! You rock! NORWAY is THE WAY!

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