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May 07, 2006



Oh to get ahold of your ipod will be a fun music filled day for me and my ibook, i call tell already it will be a great relationship.
itunes, ibooks, and ipods truly are one of God's Greatest Gifts on this Great Green Earth.


Danskos are the best. I love my black (and my brown, my maryjane style, and sandal) Danskos more and more with every passing day. I also love the fact that many of the ladies in my orchestra are now wearing their black Danskos on stage as though they are dress shoes. There's always some stinky pretty princess who insists on wearing stillettos and fishnets (I kid you not, this person exists - a violinist, of course), but when everyone else is in Danskos, she is the one who looks weird, not the clunky Dansko wearers.


perhaps it is time to comment on Ipod day in the blog

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