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May 28, 2006



I just had another look around - and found chili nøtter! It is my son's favourite snacks. BTW - nøtter (nuts) is in Norwegian plural for nøtt (nut), so nøtters is a double plural ;) (We do have a strange language).



haha, Funny story about "chili nøtters" Im from norway, and your story was awesome :-)

Hehe, I was about to tell you about "nøtter" and "nøtt" but luckily I saw rune did it before me :-)

Have a nice day!


Thanks Christian and Rune! I do have to say that Cajun Peanuts are no where NEAR as delicious as Norwegian chili nøtter. Thanks for teaching me about nøtt and nøtter. Heehee.
Say hello to Norway for me!



I am from Norway, and yes I too love "Chili nøtter". However this translates to; "Chili nuts", so I would rather use this. Never heard of cajun peanuts though. People viviting Norway usually come for the nature, not the snack. :P We have lots of different kids of Chili nuts, however the best one is probably "Polly Chili Nøtter", however this is the most expensive one. Nice story, love to read what foregners think of my country! I hope you come visit our country again soon!

PS; As a side-not, the chocolate you ate is called "Troika", and I think it is very good.


Hello out there "Chili nøtter" lover's!
We to love this fabulous snack food, in fact we loved them so much we started making them here in the states!
Check us out, We are sure you will love them!



I've had the notter and the nutterz, I like them both.Hats off to bmorenutz.com I spend 3 months a year in Norway, Its good to have Chili Nutterz in the USA now. Norway is a beautiful country.

Nut Lover

I had these recently, they are from Frito Lay and are very close to the Norweigan/Swedish notter.


I think that they have limited distribution because I haven't seen them at many stores. I bought them at a Super America in a suburb closeby.

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