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May 15, 2006



Hi Kate!
Tusen takk (thank you) for those very nice words! Always a pleasure to be of assistance. I'll have you in mind when I walk around Bergen with my cameras and I'll visit your Blog from time to time. Better luck with your next audition!

la loca de nuevo

So chiquita, this is it-- the amazing Bergen. It's really hard to believe that it didn't happen... well, it did happen, right? ---Your trip, that is, but the audition was a scam... You know that something other than the base economy was fishy that day, no?. Where are you off to next?

Please do tell us.


It was a pleasure "meeting" you! Yes, please keep us informed about beautiful Bergen.

Persona Loca-
I hear there is a good orchestra on Mars. Travelocity.com is running a sale on all interplanetary travel between now and October. I think I might go for it!




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