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May 09, 2006



Pretty found a loving home for her cat on craigslist i think. is that true pretty? AND he went to live on a farm.


Kitty, I had to do a similar thing with my beloved Miguel. It took me 9 months to finally go through with it, but I knew he would be happier to live on a big patch of land. I did list him on Craigslist and found a loving wonderful family. good luck with that. I know it is hard, but Trix will give you some kind of sign that it is the right thing to do, I bet.


Hey I just got your e-mail. I am so glad you had a great trip to Norway. I've been thinking about you. The last few weeks have been hectic...so now about Trixie. You know I love her and would love to find her a new home. I think she would flourish on a farm. My mother is allergic to cats and I am a part owner now to a non-cat-loving Aero and I'm afraid he won't be too hip to the idea.... so I'll put a post up for the farm people of JCC and see what happens. All the best. xoxoxox talk to you soon GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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