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July 10, 2006



Kitty! I cannot even call you so we can yammer on and on about what is actually going on.
It is 8pm now your time...i wonder what you are doing? how you are, were you are? I wish I could call you.....


Kate, I hope your next month of traveling is a little smoother for ya than this past week has been. I miss you!


For the love of God, woman. Find an internet cafe out there and bust out some bloggin'!


Yeah, Kitty. If there is no Oh For Fun! for a whole month it will be Oh For Sad.

dr. lee

Courtney. i notice that you're always pretty much fucking hye-larious. i love that i'm posting a comment to your comment and not directly about kitty's blog entry. hi kitty. please don't leave us hanging. if i send you a dollar and 1399 other people each send a dollar then you'd get your ibook. perfect. because we can't be left without oh for fun for a month, we just cannot.

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