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July 04, 2006



I think, from what I've read, Superman Returns is supposed to occur after the events of Superman II -- the one with the three baddies from Krypton, led by Terence Stamp. In that movie, Lois found out that Clark Kent was Superman, and they ended up sleeping together. Ergo, superkid.

Of course, this is all shot to hell by your very scientific argument that "Superman-wears-blue-leotard equals Superman-is-gay." While I've never worn a blue leotard and should probably be offended by the previous statement, I'm happy to accept Superman aka Brandon Routh onto our team. Can anyone say v-shaped torso?

Oh, and I think Alex Blumberg is a big mo, too.


Let's get one thing straight: Brandon Routh is NOT my boyfriend. Superman is my boyfriend.

Good Lord Almighty, I did not mean to offend with the Blue Tights=gay. It just really makes me laugh to imagine Superman taking off his clothes and "Superman might be gay" seemed like a good punchline. I absolutely conceed that Superman's cross dressing tendencies don't actually reflect on his sexual orientation. I went to the Oberlin drag ball, I know how it is.

Your assertion that Alex Blumberg is gay....well, it hurts Matt. I have graciously admitted that the sexiest, most virile man in all of fictional history, Superman, is gay. Is it too much to ask that I may ignorantly/blissfully/irrationally crush on one little public radio producer?

Now you are just getting greedy.


I lurve you, Matt! Thanks for reading this blog and thanks for leaving such funny comments.
This is exactly the sort of public dialogue the world needs.


Girl, no way was I offended. PC gay dialogue is no fun. And I'm glad to have a vehicle to discuss these very important issues. On this point, I concede: blue tights = gay, gay, gay.

And thanks for clearing up the Brandon Routh vs. Superman situation. If I can have Brandon Routh, you can have Superman.

And Alex Blumberg.

Even if he does have wispy daisies sprouting out of his ears.


I just really love the word leotard. For me, the word leotard is what makes this post so funny. That, and the words "big red underwear" pretty much have me rolling on the floor.


heheeeheheh.....wispy daisies sprouting out of his ears...hee.

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