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August 30, 2006



OMG thanks for taking me back!!!!
yes i have to say the butter blocks dairy queens are one of my faves too livia. Thanks to kitty, i too have been to the minnesota state fair and it was fabulous. I did not see any birthing though, i have to say I think I would have liked it in that miracle of life barn. :)
oh the food, i remember it fondly, i hope to get there again someday, seriously, i usually think state fairs are boring, and the MN state fair was simply the best.
i feel honored to have attended.
p.s. that milk booth is wrong no matter how old you are!!!!


Hooray for garlic fries. They are the reason I live and breathe (stinky breath). And cheese curds have a special place in Brian's heart after the New Year's eating contest.


I just have to tell you about my State Fair faves because I feel like you missed a couple of the goodies. I used to go to the Great Minnesota Get Together every year with my mom, and our neighbors, Debi and Marie. Marie is one of the most enthusiastic eaters of fair food ever, and according to her rules, one must begin in the dairy building where a milkshake can be enjoyed while looking at the Butter Queens. From there, there is the obligatory Pronto Pup which you covered. You missed the corn on the cob on a stick. This is great because of the hot, melted butter it is doused with, and the many many salt shakers hanging from the ceiling of the booth add a fun, festive, touch. The other treat I could never live without is the salt water taffy. Maybe that's just my weird thing, but I always leave the fair with a big old bag of taffy. Totey delish.


Can't wait to hear about the Butt Heads. We go every year about 4 or 5 times and stop in to see heads every time we go! Also, I am very fond of the goats on the last Friday. All too soon Fair Season is over.


GD you, Kitty (fist shaking at the sky)! That was the funniest thing i have ever read. Sorry i spoke too soon about the butter heads. As a newbie, I had no idea the history of these dairy queens. can't wait to see pics. Is MN State Fair a freaky place that you love to hate or can't help but love?


1. Ketchup has no place on a pronto pup. Sincerely, the Honorable Chief of the Mustard Police.

2. Love the garlic fries, but hate having to get them at the Ballpark Cafe, which is basically a suburban sports bar whacked down in the middle of the fair.

3. The milk booth is there to assist you after you have single-handedly downed an entire cone full of Sweet Martha's cookies. The all-you-can-drink component is for the unbelievable gluttons who buy Sweet Martha's by the bucket.

3. Where's the mention of my beloved deep-fried turkey sandwich? Best. State Fair Food. Ever.

Making my first (and probably last) fair visit of the summer later today. (Stupid European tours, keeping me away from my pronto pups!) Thanks for the heads-up on the hotdish...


WOW, it don't even know where to begin....all I know is this, I too hope that heaven is the Minnesota State Fair!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!


LATE UPDATE: Can now report first-hand that the hotdish on a stick is actually fairly tasty. (For those wondering what particular flavor of hotdish this is, it's tater tot, minus the corn and green beans.) The cream of mush dipping sauce is a stroke of genius, in my opinion.

I did not try the "Uff Da Treat" available at the same booth. But hey, there's always tomorrow. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go beach myself on the couch like the overfed fair whale I am...


I live in Saint Paul Minnesota about 1 1/2 miles from the fair grounds and go every year and my favorite foods would be the pronto pup,cheese curds,Tiny Tim or Tom Thumb donuts,corn on the cob and of course the beer gardens etc. I agree however that a pronto pup absolutly has to be eaten with either mustard or just plain! Mustard rules on them though, I don't even know why they offer ketchup at the stands. Anyways, I look forward to the next Minnesota get together and chow my head off lol. The only bad thing about the state fair is when it's over that is the end of summer here in Minnesota. One good thing about it though is the kids go back to school shortly there after heehee:) Everyone enjoy the fair when you can cause it only comes once a year.

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