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August 24, 2006


dr. lee

kitty! you absolutely kill me. constantly. i hope alex does google himself one day and find his shrine. we all dream about finding at least 50 sites started by our adoring fans, all about us and pictures they have somehow dredged up from who knows where? sort of scary and stalker-y and so loving at the same time. don't worry, your experiment is sound and quite face-saving. at least you didn't email a journal entry detailing obsessive thoughts about your therapist to your therapist.


BTW, I just found out that Alex is an Oberlin grad....


And upon further review of his pictures, I'm retracting my earlier "gay" assertion. His hair is too messy.


Ha. Just had to say that I love your experiment and wish I had thought of it first. I totally have a crush on what is I suppose an imaginary idea of who Alex Blumberg is, and found you by googling him.

Your face saving trap is, in my opinion, totally solid, maybe even brilliant and if he's anything other than flattered and happy to see what a delightful person has built a shrine for him, well, that will cure me of my crush, so keep me posted.

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