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September 09, 2006



wow your silent protest worked! can you use your powers to make the president have a brain? that guy is such a jerk.


Can you somehow get us a few more weeks of time off from the orchestra, but with pay?


you need to order like 2 cases of those candles ASAP!

Louise Bellamy

I think I love ginger peach candels as much as you do. I've ran out and I'm desperatly trying to get some. On line at peir one you can only get 4x6. Do you have any place else to purchase. Do you have any you'd like to sell? Ginger Peach lover in Florida

Shana Frank

I too am the biggest fan of ginger peach and swore my world had come to an end when I heard that they had discontinued it. I did find a similar (but never exact) smell from a Trapp candle called Orange Vanilla. Not quite ginger peach but it gives you that cozy feeling as well. Just and alternative idea!


You can sometimes find Pier 1 Ginger Peach Candles on Ebay.....You just have to keep looking....

Sweet Georgia Ginger

I, myself am a ginger peach lover. I have been searching for that replacement for quite some time now and the only product that comes close to that scrumptuous scent is the candles I found on ebay from a seller called blue-bayboutique. Theirs smell almost the same and theirs are slightly less expensive so it's good for your pocketbook too! If you are looking for some, I would most definitely suggest trying those out, you will be pleasantly surprised!


Ginger Peach Candles are back at Pier 1. Found some in a store the other day.


I feel the same way, well, almost...I don't think I would go without toilet paper, but I didn't think my house would ever smell the same. Ginger Peach has been my favorite since a friend recommended it about 10 years ago! I have religiously used the room spray and candles since then. I absolutely hate the fact they discontinued the scent. I did see a commercial on TV mentioning Ginger Peach, so I called the nearest Pier One...30 miles away, and they said they have the candles, room spray, and the reed diffusers!!!!! Maybe, we weren't the only ones missing Ginger Peach!


I too am a Ginger Peach lover. I have searched the Pier1 website, but I do not see a link to order online. Am I missing something?


Ginger Peach is gone forever. I have looked & looked. Pier One online has also been shutdown. My world will never be the same. People did buy them from the stores when they were sold, because each time I went to a Pier One, they were low or on back-order. To this day, I do not understand why they were discontinued. Next, they will discontinue Island Orchard.

Anne Kerner

Can't live without ginger peach candles. Please Pier 1, keep stocking ginger peach candle!!!!

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