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October 21, 2006



Our trees are not broken here in Minny, Kitty, and I'll personally instruct them that they are to remain in that condition for at least the next two weeks. See you soon...


glad to hear you got outta dodge kitty. way to go! :)


It seems that Buffalo has had a rough time - you should have stayed in Norway. We have at the moment 15 degrees Celcius (though some rain showers) and we are at the latitude of Anchorage, Alaska!

I think there is something horribly wrong with the climate. Wonder why...


New Orleans lost something like 30,000 live oaks after Katrina, a tragedy never talked about in all the coverage of the place thereafter. Your buddy over at Reigning Frogs had a pretty shocking photo of all the downed trees on her street. Really sorry for your loss.

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