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October 13, 2006


dr. lee

kate, i didn't check your blog for it feels like a day and the whole world turned upside down. i've never heard of such a thing as so many trees breaking due to early snow. WEIRD! hope you are keeping warm and the electricity comes on sooner than tuesdee. one time, my house was out of electricity and we had no lights nor phone and we all just about had to be committed.

why did i just call you kate?


oh my goodness kitty! you are in some serious natural disaster times. I have had many natural disasters having lived in CA and none of them were quiet as fun as that one. The BEST crazy weather thing i have experienced was when you came to visit and 7 inches of snow fell on portland, then turned to ice and shut down the city and I did not have to go to school. That was the best.


I plugged my phone in at Cole's :)

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