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October 23, 2006



I dont remember the teeny guy and I thought I watched alot of Sesame. Thank you for sharing your 3 yr old memories!
PS Are you bringing my spherey?


Thank you so much for granting my request-that totally made my day. And I love how nothing that is going on in that pinball machine has anything to do with the number 6!

I totally remembered teeny little super guy as soon as that clip started. I think I may start calling Ashok that.


Oh for 12! Lois, I saw your spherey in progress last month. His body was more or less finished and there was at least one limb. I hope that Kitty brings you your shperey.


Oh Kate- I used to sing the Teeny little super guy to my baby brother all the time- every time he tried to climb up the stairs or take his little booties off- I bet he's got a really weird subliminal link to that song..ahhh


Kate, have you been able to find the clip with the plant that gets watered and then dances around like the happiest thing you've ever seen? I love that one!

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