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October 15, 2006



If you want to come over here to practice, you can. It's pretty warm here and we have electricity and a wireless signal. You can even have yer own bathroom.


Doesn't it actually feel warmer outside than inside? Last night I walked to Cafe Aroma and felt warmer outside walking than in the house at 7:30 pm.

I took tons of pictures too, and just couldn't believe my eyes, so very sad.


Aw, hang in there, sis. Sorry about your trees. At least it brings you all together. Make sure the english horn player gets another chance!


We didn't have power either yesterday, Kitty (because of the earthquake). I got a taste of what you've been experiencing, but I think being in Hawai'i makes it quite a bit more bearable. It thought of you though, girl. I can't believe you don't have power until the weekend. hang in there, sport.

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