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October 09, 2006



I totally remember the llama song too!!!


A very nice memory from the past. I love the internet too! And Ashley and Molly will REALLY love the milk one.


I totally remember the freaky miiiilk song!


I remember those. Then again, we have been singing "me and my llama" for years now, haven't we? I'd forgotten how scary the llama's teeth are though. And who the hell walks a llama down a NYC street? Where was that little girl going with that llama? To her apartment? Those Sesame Street people were definitely smoking some of the good stuff.


My sister-in-law's mom totally sings "milk, miiiiiiilk" every time she gets it out of the fridge. I remember that song was the first time I saw a milking machine. Talk about freaky. I only ever saw hand-milking.


Awesome. I remember you singing the freaky miiiiilk song more than I remember the wholesome sketch. You know I love old-time Sesame. I will look for it every Monday. Oh for Joy! Free to Be You and Me on Tuesdays??

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