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November 21, 2006



That is so sad, but also such a nice tribute.


may she rest in peace and bless her for loving my kitten the way she did.


Kate, that's so sad. I'm so sorry.


Apparently, after her diagnosis with a particularly fast-moving cancer several months back, Alice donated a large sum of money to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra to endow her own chair in the viola section. Whoever wins her spot in the SPCO will be in the Alice Preves Viola Chair forever.

Alice was a really wonderful woman. I wish I'd known her better...


Oh Kate, sad. She was my teacher too for a bit, a solid rock of a woman. For you, she must've been an excellent escape the year Dad died. I'm sorry.


So sorry to hear about her passing. If she's got family, you should send them this tribute.


I agree dear one. They would love to have your eloquent tribute. A big hug to you.


You're such a great writer, what a lovely tribute, and I agree if you can pass it on tio her family you should. So often we don't know how people we love have touched other people.

I played the Viola too, but I never had a great teacher like that, so you were extremely blessed. ;)

Sharon Preves

Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for your loving kindness and generosity in paying tribute to my mom in such a public way. You really captured one aspect of her character in writing about her "stern tenderness". My mom had such a way of assisting people in finding and rising to meet their potential.

Laura (Alice's other daughter) and I send you our very best,

Sharon Preves

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