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November 13, 2006



Wow, what a departure from last week...the lower case n was kind of a bad trip, scary animals and crazy letter aliens, and the closing psychedelic tableau...and something about rolling typewriter man made me sad, like a shabby apartment sad...a loss of innocence....thanks PBS monday-- you always keep me guessing.


Very, very early 70s, late 60s, folk and protest song there 'n'.

I love that song, thanks for the memory.


would it suck if I said that I pretty much dislike PBS Monday. Not a fan of PBS. I have tried. Trust me. I just don't jones on PBS.


Dan has no whimsy in him. His heart is made of sand and Blue Light.

Dustin Parkes

Do you have any idea who did the music for lower case n? They also did the tune for capitol i, another classic.


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