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December 18, 2006



hi kitty!
first of all i think it is super great that you submitted your posting. i would also like to give my two cents for "eff you diet coke". i still laugh outloud at that one. you really are a fabulous writer. keep on blogging!


I vote for 6/18/06 - "Alex Blumberg"


Funny, I came over here through indie bloggers (which I just joined).

Then I read this sentence in your post: "Indie Bloggers is for all of us non-mommy, non-knitting, non-foodie, blogging stragglers."

I am a mommy and a knitter.

Though, I don't consider myself a mommy blogger, or a knit blogger...


Please don't take offense. I'm a knitter too!

I think that the general idea behind Indie Blogger is that it is a place for people without a blogging "topic". I didn't mean to suggest it was a place for childless, hobby-less, anorexics. :)


Perhaps childless, hobbyless anorexics could be its own niche. I love the superman post, especially the part about the big red underwear. That gets me every time.


Another good one is Awesome in which you explain the meaning of Oh For Fun. March 4, 2006.


Wow I just read some of the old posts (March 2006 as per Courtney's reccommendation. Kitty you are a fount of entertainment. I know that sounds dirty but I don't mean that.

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