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December 21, 2006



LOL! My wife and I have the weather argument almost every morning.

Her: "Do you know anything about the weather today?"

Me: "Yes, we're going to have some."

PS, Love the Charlie Brown Xmas tree in your photo!


That kind of goes hand in hand with your comment you made awhile ago about looking at your Christmas tree online vs. looking at it for real over your shoulder. Why go to a weather channel webpage or TV station when you can turn around, look out your window, and see how other people are currently faring. Well done Kate, well done.


I'm totally with you Kate. In fact, I would like to add weather to the societal list of things that are impolite to talk about in social conversation: sex, politics, religion and weather.


My personal private weather alert system is the Mississippi River, outside my front door. If it's between zero and ten above, there will be a thin layer of ice over about half of the river, and little wisps of steam coming off of it. If it's below zero, there will be no ice (I know, the hell?) but large banks of steam will be rolling upwards. If it's over ten degrees, who cares? I'll be fine.


As you know, I love the weather channel and I tune in at least once a day. I'm also a fan of weather.com and accuweather.com. When you live in a hot place, you want to know just how heinously hot it's going to be. It is a rare treat to wear a fleece and I, for one, never want to miss this opportunity.


Hi again. I've been surfing around your blog this morning and am loving it, esp. your writing about Buffalo. I have linked to you and featured you in this morning's post.


Hope if you enjoy mine you will link to me as well.

Keep it up,

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