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January 19, 2007


Molly O

i'm disturbed. i live here ya know. what retards. i heard about this video but had yet to see it. now i understand why schools were closed for 2 days. portlanders (at least many) do not know how to drive in even a smidgen of winter weather much less know when to AVOID driving their not so winter worthy cars. geesh.

Molly O

okay so i watched it again. and what is up with the woman with 3 kids under five in her car? why is she on the road? oh boy.


The thing about Portland that I don't understand is that is DOES snow there periodically. It's not like Portlanders have never seen snow before- it's not Albuquerque. I am wondering if maybe a little bit of snow experience is worse than none at all. This video is amazing because there are at least a dozen cars and twenty people all doing the same stupid thing. GET OFF THE ROADS YOU NUM-NUMS.

I hope no one got hurt in that hilarious mess.

Glad I don't live in Portland anymore

What? That's retarded. Did they find a bunch of junker cars and set that up? Or is it real and they saw it once and grabbed their cameras, taping people as they left all day long. I'm so glad Molly and Rowan stayed indoors.


yeah that shit is crazy. it was of course all over the news! i mean seriously we do get snow every 3 years or so you would think that EVENTUALLY people would learn. No matter how good you are at driving, there is nothing that can be done on ice!




That is unreal. Was it really windy? How did that happen?


I grew up in Alaska. I live in PDX now. I understand it's tricky, but it was less than 3 inches of snow and it was NOT an ice storm, so I can't help but get sort of exasperated, y'know.

As far as cars, sheesh! Almost everybody's got more car than they need here.

What I find wierd in these videos is some of the cars are PARKED in safety, but appear compelled to get into the fray and pull OUT onto the icy hill.

Glad you posted it- it's a small funny little world.


Oh, it's a hill! That wasn't clear to me from the video.

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