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January 03, 2007


Stupendous Woman

This is why we ALL need a washer in our apartment.

Otherwise, we should be prepared to lie through our teeth at any moment and say that these “things” that sort of look like panties -- or at least they did eight years ago when we bought them -- are, in fact, our sister's. (That's where a fictional sick relative at home might also come in handy.)


Kate, I bet that guy is at the laundromat nearest to where he found the Grannies just waiting for "that funny, cute girl" to come back.


Hey, look on the bright side: at least he called you "Miss"! And you over 30 and all...

P.S. Are tidy-whities now officially the male version of granny panties?


Sam, first of all I always thought it was TIGHTY-whiteys. You know, because they are tight and white. I guess tidy-whiteys makes sense too except for the unfortunate truth of the matter, which I will refrain from discussing here on my blog.

Yes, tighty whiteys are the male equivalent of the grannie panties. I never understand why a man would opt for tighty WHITEYS. Tighty-blueys. Tighty-blackies. Tighty-redies. Fine. Tighty whiteys, NOT FINE.


It's definitely tighty-whities, not tidy. I think that tightys are necessary for certain athletic activities, but I know a certain Bob who makes do with those sort of tight boxer brief things. That's probably TMI, but I agree about the white thing. If a person is going to wear tightys, the should be red, or green, or grey or blue or even purple, but not white.


Did you ever see that Bridget Jones movie (had some funny parts?

"Hello, Mommy!!"

One time in high school a male classmate had to alert me to the tampons that were in freefall from my open purse. That was bad.


The only person I've ever seen look good in Tighty Whiteys was Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and look what happened to him...

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