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February 22, 2007



I do scales, Sevcik, Schardiek, vibrato exercises and sometimes even Bach exclusively in front of the T.V. Sound off, closed caption on. This is just the way it works. Did you know that Itzhak Perelman used to practice while watching T.V.? If he can do it, we all can do it.


I never thought of using the closed captions-genius!


I love me some closed captions. I don't have a TV, but when I did, I always used closed captions. Now I always watch movies with subtitles. It's kind of the same thing. Unless the subtitles don't come in English, then it just leaves you where you started. It's not the easiest thing to do while knitting, but it sure does help me with subtleties of plotline.


I've practiced while watching baseball ever since college. (Sound on, too.) It helps me focus when I'm doing mundane stuff like scales and etudes. The Irv, of course, was horrified, but he couldn't deny that I was more prepared for my lessons after I started doing it...


A kickass violist in our orch wrote in her get-to-know-me audience interview thingy that she's totally addicted to soap operas and has always practiced in front of them, CC on.

I love that she put that out there, knew I'd like her.

Seriously, kickass.

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