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February 28, 2007



If you haven't read it, you need to feed your burgeoning cooking-self with Julie and Julia, a fantastic book based on a blog called the Julie/Julia project. Julie made a goal for herself to cook all the recipes in vol I of the Art of French Cooking in a year, in her New York apartment. It's hilarious, poignant, and foul-mouthed in the best way.


way to go kitten!!!!!! I love that this opens up even more things to talk about as we yammer on the phone together!! we can swap dishes etc wahoo!
I also agree that the smells are one of the best parts of cooking, makes my home smell great and then i feel all warm and fuzzy when lying on the couch :)
way to tackle a new hobby kitten!


Have you seen the one all about cupcakes?
Mmmm. Cupcakes are sexy.

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