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March 23, 2007



Oh for awful! I hate when I'm looking forward to a delicious meal and it is not delicious.

Your soup sure is pretty though. So pretty.


i have to say i think that mac and cheese looks damn good...


i have to say i think that mac and cheese looks damn good...


Pardon me for playing the Indian card, but who exactly told you to put beets in Mulligatawny soup?

And I think that mac 'n cheese looks good, too.


Sadly, the beets were my own improvisation.

I can't explain with words the disturbing texture of the macaroni and cheese.


Did you forget the flour? You have to make the rue with butter, flour and then milk. Then the cheese goes in. Don't forget a little mustard powder and/or Worchestershire sauce for extra deliciousness. Even HyTop cheese tastes good that way (or whatever ghetto brand we had).


I was beat to the punch. The trick to a good Mac and cheese is s good rue. You throw that heated cheese on that hot Mac, slather it with the creamy rue-milk, mix and bake. I personally prefer a dash of tamari instead of Worcestershire, cuz me no eats the fishies.

Another favorite trick I learned while making the casserole (pretty stizzoned at the time) is to put a mess of goldfish crackers in a ziplock, pummel until they are crumbs, then add to the top just before baking. Crunchy-cheesy. And a suitable anchovie replacement.


I think it's roux, not rue. Unless you're roux-ing the day that I decided to open my yap about this issue.


Yes yes.

Rue = slutty Golden Girl

Roux = n., pl. roux.

A mixture of flour and fat cooked together and used as a thickening.

[French (beurre) roux, browned (butter), from Old French rous, reddish brown, from Latin russus, red.]



Rue isn't slutty, she is sexually adventurous and free. There's a difference.

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