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April 15, 2007



Knut is totally going to end up in the hospital being treated for "exhaustion" if he doesn't slow down.


aww, Leo! ;)

I'd totally shag him.

Oh wait, did I type that out loud?


Is it just me or does Knut look like a toy in some of those pictures? Especially the one where he is under his master's arm. Definitely a stuffed animal.


Wish I could read German....Knut's still cute.


Look at the two knut blogs hhtp://www.knut-online.com and http://blog.rbb-online.de/roller/knu - thera are often stories and news in english too


oh sorry- http://www.knut-online.com/ I meant and the other link ends with "t"- sorry- it seems to bee to late for me


let the Germans have their fun and 15 minutes of fame, they have been bored to tears for the past 60 years and now that they want to pose with a stuffed toy and say it is real, then let them! At least it is not world domination any more!

*orders a krautdog*

hey and what is with the crush on that greasy looking man? gross! send the teddy bear, keep the man, thanks


Knut is cute and a wonderful miracle of nature and Thomas is just so hot. I love both of them.


Both are dead now, sadly. Both died from a hear attack.

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