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April 18, 2007



That is hilarious and also somewhat disturbing. I did laugh very hard when the baby said "I'm gonna smack you." I bet that after years of therapy, she'll win an Oscar someday.


oh my god Kitty, you find the funniest shit. I love it.


This is funnier when you know the girl's dad (Ferrell's writing partner & the other guy in the vid) says she is just at the age where she'll repeat and immediately forget stuff.

Then you can laugh without feeling dirty! Beetches!


hilarious. "what did the blood test say?"

Sensitivity training?? Really??? Insane.


We had to do sexual harassment seminars a couple years back when we got a new HR person who a) is a priss, b) was horrified that we hadn't done it (the seminar, not sexual harassment) for, like, ten years, and c) had clearly not met our viola section, which basically exists to harass each other.


I only have one word... AMAZING!

I love this video with all my heart.

thanks for the laughs!


Okay I have watched the video 6 times now. So funny. I love getting kids to say totally random things. Why am I so drawn to this video/?


oh my god I cannot wait until Rowan is going to be a landlord....in like 8 months!
I totally see a career in his future.


Ha! The best part is the scream mid-way.


This is the worst part: I pushed the "next video" button after the little bitch move and watch the whole second one, which is about grown men who make a game out of hitting one another over the stall wall with wet paper towel wads, when they are shitting. And I wanted to watch more of these videos....

Mary just saw a for-real insensitvity. She just got back from a Chicago conference with police and fire types in the Homeland Security field (natural disaster specialty). They showed a PSA that uses a dolled up woman with large breasts pushing a guy away from his computer, to make some point. This is real world. May this part of our government go with you to sensitivity training tomorrow?



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