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April 24, 2007



I bought a bottle of this wonderous elixer at New Seasons the other day, but I never tasted it. I think I got it for you, even though you weren't there. Ashley, Molly, and I are all on the Coke Zero bandwagon in a huge way. Now they just need to start making Coke Zero Plus and there will be something for everyone.


i enjoy a tall glass after i smoke my echinacea-crack


Can't wait to try this. But what I really want to know is: are you sensitive now? Or is your orchestra sensitive, at least?


Ya reckon the vitamins and minerals cancel out the penny cleaning properties? I'm tempted to try it...just for something to do. But I can't stop thinking about those darn pennies.


have missed your blog! congrats on the Diet Coke. good deal. all the better for your composing skills. also, FYI, a few nights ago i dreamed about the cowboy from Inner Space...thought you'd like to know.


So now, my Jack and Diet will be the equivalent of a 2 mile jog and a nice big salad! Woo hoo!


that rainbow lettering on the label is sucking me right in. i like vitamins.


If Diet Dr. Pepper Plus is in the future, we can color me happy. And where can I get this delightful echinacea crack?


Oh Kitten?


Diet Coke Plus has made it out here to Idaho. It was advertised as Diet Coke with Calcium, which it doesn't actually contain. It's very Idaho not to have 100% of the facts correct, especially when it's something important like what is in my Diet Coke.

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