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May 24, 2007



i've been running through cemetaries a lot lately, it's the best; the giant one in queens that goes on forever, blackstone in providence where Huxley's buried, the one at the end of apple hill road where there are awesomely creepy gothic stones from the late 1700's...yeah man...

if I last longer (unlikely) i will get an extra blue sno cone and toss it over the falls and say "that's for the tone that was"


That hobbit hole looks like it's in another country, maybe Ireland. If I last longer, I will definitely have a blue sno cone in your honor. I will also cry and cry and cry and then put up a stone that says "Kitty" even if you've long since been thrown over Minnehaha Falls.


omg, that WIFE stone is awesome! i love quiet, green places. thanks for this one, kate.


Great post Kate!

(Maybe you can be buried under a rock that says "Mrs. Drury, the ultimate Sabres fan" :)

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