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May 29, 2007



Kate, congratulations on your new-found hockey obsession! We're so glad we can help you on your journey to crazy hockey fandom. A life without hockey is a life half lived.

And thanks so much for the link. Can we now expect the "Oh For Fun" Bump? ;)


Hockey is great. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Are you not from Minnesota? thats closed enough to Canada and the hockey land.


Pookie- Yes, you can now expect throngs of new readers. I would say that of the ten or so people that read this blog, at least TWO of them will make the jump. Unsurprisingly, most of my classical musician friends are somewhat perplexed by my new obsession. Clearly, if I'm going to get hard core about this, I need new friends.

Antoine- You understand the obsession! I don't know how I missed out on hockey growing up in Minnesota, but I did. These feeling are all so new and confusing....


kate! intriguing hotness is not embarassing! it's athletics. welcome to a whole new world. it is a wonderful place.

Mary Wroblewski

I'm going to link to Interchangeable Parts as soon as I'm done with this comment.

Just wanted to commend you on your fine execution of the following:
"...the intriguing hotness of its players. I'm sorry, but it's true." I appreciate your deft and correct usage of the often-confused "its" and "it's" words. Plus, I love reading your blog! Truly fun.

Mary Wroblewski


btw, wait 'til you write your first sports(man)-induced sonnet (if you haven't already). a feeling like none other! oh, Kate, i'm so happy for you! cherish these moments. don't let one pass you by...


Mary- Hey thanks! I believe it was you who finally set me straight about the whole it's/its thing. That one flummoxed me for years. I do believe I've got the hang of it now.

Elise- I knew you would appreciate this particular phase of my insanity. I feel like a twelve-year-old girl rambling on about sportsman like this, but dammit, those boys are KEWT.


This has got to stop. I hate hockey. This is probably due to the fact that as a child, I spent endless hours in ice arenas all over the Twin Cities. I can still tell you which rinks have the best vending machines. The one in St. Louis Park had good candy AND the pop machine was the kind that spit out a cup, filled it with those little ice balls, and after that, you could get red pop. RED POP! Despite the red pop, hockey ruined my life, and as your BFF, I demand that you stop with all of this nonsense.


Pay no attention to Whiny McSmokypants down there in Texas. Hockey rules, and the only reason you didn't know it growing up is that South High hasn't had a team in the high school tournament since, like, 1904.

Oh, and until your senior year, the North Stars sucked ass, and were owned by a turd who thought Dallas would be a better location for a hockey team than Minneapolis.

P.S. The last time I had dinner with Courtney's family, at least one of her brothers was wearing a hockey jersey, so her obviously irrational hatred of ice is clearly not a clan-wide deficiency.


i'm very worried that this will become a distraction from battlestar galactica...don't forget they have hot people too


My friends here in Jamestown, NY give me frightened glances when I go on about how I luuurrrvvveee Ryan Miller's hair and how fun it would be to braid it. They just DON'T understand his hotness! Might I add I cursed the day J.P. Dumont left the team. Hotness to another city. Sigh.


Sarge- If stupid old battlestar gallactica wasn't in a million year hiatus, maybe none of this hockey stuff wouldn't be happening. My brain can only manage one obsession at a time.

Muzenews- See? You understand. I've been trying to explain to people that Ryan Miller makes me want to feed him fresh baked cookies and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. I just want to cradle him protectively in my arms, is that SO WRONG?!


Despite my unequivocal support for your newfound hockey fetish, I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't point out that Ryan Miller, as good a goalie as he obviously is, has a bit of a rodent face.


Kate - I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now - ever since I read your fantastic post on bfloblog, and I must say, the sweetness of ryan miller is glorioius. Thanks for writing...and god bless those wonky brows.


You just have to move to Canada now, heh heh...welcome, eh!


Libby- Thanks for reading, and three cheers for wonky brows! You are obviously wise.

Which leads me to.....

Sam- I am sorry you are unable to appreciate Ryan Miller's true beauty. His glorious sweetness radiates from WITHIN. If you were cool, you could see that.


I had a guinea pig once whose sweetness radiated from within. Miller kinda reminds me of him. And if I were cool, a lot of things in life would be easier.

Seriously, though, I'd be happy to trade goalies at the moment. It looks like there's little chance that we can resign Niklas Backstrom (who is a Finnish god,) so we're gonna be stuck with Manny "Head Case/Nephew of the Coach" Fernandez for another two years...


Oh Kate, if you need like a backup singer or extra musician, let me know - I'd love to get in on that gig with Ry-Ry and you. Ha!


Sammy- I see now how it is. You are jealous. Sure, that makes sense. I'm sorry your goalie is so crazy. Perhaps he just needs your unconditional love.

Liz- Hmm. I have mixed feelings about Canada. You have hockeymania and Coffee Crisps candy bars, but you also drink milk out of a bag. I dunno...


Kate, I love your hockey posts. Keep them coming. People who don't see the hotness of the players just don't know what living is.


Hi Kate,

Milk in a bag....it's only in Ontario. It gives the rest of the country a reason to make fun of us!

(Don't know why they do it. I would spill the milk at least once a week growing up. Though we still have the milk bag jug here in VT..well we use it for the kids' bath.)

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