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May 01, 2007



okay, i'm going to try this posting phenom one more time. i'm so sorry about your hand! i am honked along with you. but sending good vibes for your rest, healing and audition. just be sure to throw in some Strauss-Holzemer and you may be just fine. i have also found that the Gilmore girls Season 1 and a pint of Cherry Garcia does the trick. or reading a good book under a tree. or thinking about j. brannigan falling out of his chair in the Con Lounge.


Speaking of J Brannigan, do you remember the time he accidentally stepped into a trash can (the short kind) in the con lounge and fell over. That was a good one.

I like to say it phonetically, omg (with a hard G). One syllable.

I hope your hand feels better. Try holding the squirrel.


i may love j. brannigan.


omg remember when the peeg yelled at him in finny chapel cuz he thought he was from the review? and then jim was like omg wtf?


omg, wtf is j. brannigan?

lt. keej

a more appropriate question than you may realize

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