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June 10, 2007



I agree! If the Stanley cup came to Buffalo, it would never want to leave!


It does look mighty placid there....

My Dh's bitter too-Ottawa to him basically rolled over and died in the finals.

(Though I was amused by the fact that CBC pointed out that there were more CDNs on the Ducks than Senators. They have to find the Canadian angle in *everything* even though no CDN team has won in 14 years.)

Have a great day!


kate, i think someone actually got KILLED when the Sox finally won. keep holding on, my friend.
p.s. Anaheim sucks.


You know Elise, I actually cheered for the Ducks to win. I thought I would cheer for the Sens because Ottawa is such a great hockey community, but when it came down to it, I found myself cheering for Anaheim. (Ottawa beat us in the conference finals to advance to the Stanley Cup. I'm still sad.) It's not that I hate the Ducks, it's that I really, really want to have a parade in Buffalo.

This whole, "Let's go Buff-a-lo" thing has finally turned me into a Buffalonian, for better or for worse. It's a little scary, but I'm going with it. (But if you catch me blogging about the Bills, please, just shoot me in the head......oh hell, who am I kidding, I'll jump on that band wagon too!- but only if it REALLY looks like we might get a parade. Hockey is different. I'm a lifelong Sabres fan, even if we never win again.)

Let's Go Buff-a-lo!


Re: Cousin Mary, et al

There was quite a gathering of the relates today, for Janis and Hector's 20th wedding anniversary. A lovely Sunday afternoon dinner affair at Forepaughs. There was considerable discussion about your blog and grammer, as a result of the presence of Cousin Mary. (As in "Hi. I'm Louis, Cousin Mary's brother.") I was able to seek Mary's advice on my over-use of the slash in sentences. She advised me to go easy on it -- I was probably avoiding semi-colons. (This last sentence being a prime example of an inappropriate use of the slash.) Most of the clan read your blog. You are famous.

Auntie Kathleen, cousin of Cousin Mary


omg. I meant grammAr.


It has now been a full five years since a real hockey town (Detroit in '02) won the cup. Since then, the winners have been New Jersey, Tampa Bay, a bunch of high-priced lawyers (the lockout year,) Carolina, and a fricking suburb of Los Angeles. The hell?

See, this is what Gary Bettman should have been asking himself before he let the Jets move the Phoenix, the Whalers to Raleigh, the North Stars to Dallas, and started throwing expansion teams at Florida. The question he should have been asking was, how is it going to feel watching one of these crap-ass franchises raise the Cup? How pathetic is it going to make our sport look when 300 people show up for a victory parade in St. Petersburg or Anaheim? But no, he let 'em all move anyway, and handed out new franchises in the Deep South like they were candy, because he wanted a national television deal worth a lot of money like the NBA. How'd that work out for ya, Gary? And what channel is Versus on again?

Sorry. Bitter ranting from a disgusted hockey fan who dearly wishes that the WHA was still around to compete...

Cousin Mary

Ever since the Great One went to LA, hockey has not been the same. (This is an example of how I learn just enough about a sport to sound as though I know something; a little trick.)

It was such a pleasure to see my cousins Lois (Kate's Mom) and Kathleen (Kate's aunt) and hear cries of "Cousin Mary!" Even my brother Louis reads your blog, Kate! We all love it.


kate, regarding your lack of hatred for the Ducks, you are a better person than me...(or is that "than i am"? now grammar makes me nervous!)...when the Sox lost to the Yankees in '03, i imagined inflicting so much pain on jorge posada (he isn't that cute..and def. not in sweatpants), it probably wasn't healthy. i still don't feel that sorry.

but i hope you get your parade!! maybe we can stage one at Apple Hill this summer?! for skit night? complete with new-coloured floppers from Ted's!! i'm thinking red/burgundy this year...or perhaps a midnight blue?


Sam- I'm not really all that offended by the non-hockey town Stanley Cup champions of recent years. As a girl who has only VERY recently jumped on the hockey bandwagon I don't think I have a right to judge in this matter. What I can't understand is why EVERYONE doesn't just automatically love hockey. To me hockey is just a far superior sport. So, I guess I even sort of agree that all of these expansion teams might actually be creating new fans. Apparently, hockey needs new fans. Like me. I dunno. It's just that I had a vision of Ryan Miller holding the cup over his head at HSBC arena and I got a chill. Nothing against Anaheim, it's just that winning the Stanley Cup would be so so so so so so so so so so good for Buffalo.

Elise- have you looked at SportsSquee yet?! I'm sure you'd like it!

Cousin Mary and Auntie Kathleen- I am touched an honored that you all read my blog! I love your comments and I love that you are becoming "characters" on my blog. I love you!

Heather B.

After the Sabres were eliminated my husband did actually say, "Well, atleast the city will still be standing in a couple of weeks." We were taking bets on whether we'd overexcitedly burn it to the ground or whether it would just implode from the shock of winning a title.

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