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June 18, 2007



Let be be the first to say: time very well spent. (Mmmmmm, doughnut holes...) All of a sudden, the three hours I spent cramming on Bartok 4 today seem utterly pointless.

(No, none of that was sarcasm. I'm actually way jealous of people who know how to make cool cute web videos. WAY jealous.)


seriously kitty. your video was really cool. i dated a claymation artist and have an appreciation for how damn long things take. can you imagine the wallace and grommit people?


what! how did you do that? I am so impressed!!!!
i see a secone career in the making.
Movie....the return of te doughnut hole - a claymation sensation by Kate Holzemer.


Very nice. Notice how I managed to avoid using the F word? I loves you.


how the eff did you do that? I thought it was a clementine orange. what's wrong with me?


A fine way to spend time off, if I do say so myself!




Honey dip timbit, yum.


Thanks everyone! I have thrown myself fully into stop motion shorts. It's the new thing! You can expect much more from Sid.


That is effing awesome.

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