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June 11, 2007



I'm so jealous of you right now, you have no idea. I curse you with a personal, mini-October storm! (just kidding) Anyway, you now somehow have fond memories of it. :)


First of all, I love the term "interwebs." Bob once spilled white wine on his old Delltop and in an effort to save it, he propped it up in an upside down V shape on the kitchen counter and left if overnight. In the morning, he somehow managed to drop it from its perch and the space bar fell off and was never the same again. Aside from the space bar problem, the Delltop was just fine. I think that as long as they're not totally soaked, computers just need a little time to dry off and then they're fine. Can I please have the recipe for Chick Pea Delight?


Ahhhhhhh.....welcome to the first day of being laid off by the BPO. What did I do today? I called many oil refuse companies, trying to find one that would come and pump out my heating oil tank in my basement that has had 100 gallons of heating oil sitting in it since Dec. of 2001. Fun job.

I met my realator, signed some paperwork (I got a bid for my house!!!!!!!!!), went to have some Mexican for dinner (Cancun chicken burrito), went to Sears to look at appliences for the new digs, came home to eat a Perry's Ice Cream fudgecicle (much better than Kate's brand) and drank beer. Ahh, the life of the laid off/unemployed BPO musician.


good gracious!thanks for this informative information.keep it up,goahead.


Courtney, I totally did the upside down computer thing because I remembered you telling me that's how Bob saved his drowning computer. I think my computer came back to life because at no point did I panic. I mean I was a the LIBRARY looking at the interwebs mere moments after te accident occurred. I think the comput was all, "Well, she's not going to give me any attention with this little stunt, I might as well just come back to life." That is my theory.

Dan, congrats on the house!

Johnsons, I think you are spam, the first that I have ever seen on my website. If you ARE spam Eff off. If you are just a normal passerbyer, hello. Nobody click on that link, it takes you to some sort of MAKE A MILLION BUYING CRAPPY HOUSES type sites.

Cousin Mary

Thanks for the warning about the "johnsons." They annoyed me with their terrible writing style anyway.

Dan, if I may, the person who helps sell your house is a REALtor. Many people say relator. But this nice person sells REAL estate, that is, property, and thus is a realtor.

And many congratulations on getting an offer on your house. The market isn't that great right now.


Oh, Cousin Mary! You may have gone too far now! Dan is, at times, known to be cranky. You may have jostled the beast!


realator, relator, realtor...... I don't give a crap, as long as they sell my house and earn their grossly inflated pay. And I know its a realtor....I made a typing mistake


Bob and I were just discussing the whole relator/realtor thing this morning. We were watching the Arcata real estate channel and I remarked on how so very many people say relator when it is in fact, realtor with just two syllables. If you have a big cheap house in Big Texas, the Arcata real estate channel is fun to watch because in these parts, a double wide "manufactured home" goes for around $175,000. Suckers.


I love this post, and feel less guilty now about my own similar days. :)

PS: Apple charges like $45 to speak to them on the phone. You made the right move.

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