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June 06, 2007



Kate - FYI my boyfriend sent me the link to your blog for this post...I think he is reading you more than me!

Impossible I say - this post though made my day...

Hope you are doing well!

P.S. I am going to put you on my list of good blogs:)


My favorite part is the bearded man @1:15 left. He appears in the beginning, but he is at his best @1:15. I want to see this video redone with just him for the whole 3:02.


I totally just bought this song on iTunes b/c of you!


I find this little video very nice and I've watched it several times, but it's also so sad. I like the older couple. The man is trying to be all serious, but then he has to smile. Oh for cute.


p.s. I bought the song too.


I agree, it's kind of sad making sometimes. I keep wondering what they are listening to that makes them feel so lovey.


i ripped it from limewir*. thanks for making my day, kitty.


I like the dog.


oh my, oh my, i love it! thanks, kate.

the dog rocks...


the dog makes me cry. it's my favorite part. then i look at the asian couple and it looks like the woman says "i love you" then the man says "i love you, too." at least i imagine they could be saying that. i love it.


my friend is in there. the one with long hair. we went to juilliard together.

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