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June 22, 2007



tell me the truth.....did you already OWN the leading lady?


I wish I had an uber-chic sofa like that. those donut holes get all the good stuff.

Earl Sleek

Top notch work, Kate! These videos are awesome!


OMG! I lured the famous, Stanley Cup winning Earl Sleek into Oh For Fun!

Thanks Earl! Are you toiling away at your Chasing Sidney yet?

Earl Sleek

Hmm, haven't started on any of my writing assignments yet (Sidney or Hockey Love). I'm just waiting for that one day when the inspiration flows and all my work for the summer gets done.

Any day now...

Cousin Mary

C'mon, Sid, some more adventures! You've got me hooked on your cinematographic body of work. (I had to look up that word.) Kate, do you have a real NHL star reading your blog? I googled Earl Sleek and couldn't tell for sure but I think not. (I am sports impaired yet easily star-struck.)

Earl Sleek

I googled Earl Sleek and couldn't tell for sure but I think not.

I will have to take this up with Mr. Google, then. The ambiguity must cease!


Heh. No, Earl is not a hockey player, but he is a fairly well regarded hockey blogger (Yeah right, as if such a thing actually exists....). :D

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